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Consolidation refers to the process of combining multiple advances into a single, new payment - helping businesses by simplifying the repayment process to relieve financial strain.

Consolidations give your business the funds to pay off your existing balances at once, by providing twice the amount of a business's outstanding balances, allowing the business to net the remaining funds.

Reverse consolidations relieve cash-flow issues by providing an influx of weekly capital to cover multiple cash advance payments. If your business is servicing multiple high-interest debts at once, a consolidation can be advantageous.

Consolidations Offer:

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Loans from $10,000 to $5 Million.

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Terms from 6 to 60 months terms.

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Financial flexibility and freedom.

Reduce Payments

Lower your weekly repayment as your Merchant Cash Advances are repaid.

Extend Terms

Take advantage of extended terms and free up your business's cash-flow.

Avoid Defaulting

Find a solution instead of defaulting and jeopardizing your financial future.


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Minimum Requirements

Time in Business

12+ Months

Current Loans/Working Capital

Up to 6 Positions

Annual Business Revenue



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for a consolidation product?
Consolidations and reverse consolidations have slightly different eligibility requirements, but both require the applying business to be current on their existing loan/advance payments. Contact an advisor at 516-262-5269 to learn more.
Can I net additional funds in a consolidation?
While reverse consolidations can also include a small capital infusion to offer additional breathing room, traditional consolidations observe the "net-50 rule" which requires that a business must net half of the funded amount after their existing balances are paid off.
How many advances and business loans can I consolidate?
Consolidations were created to help deleverage high-interest financial obligations for businesses that are maintaining good payment history despite having multiple advances/loans. Depending on business performance, eligible applicants can consolidate up to 6 advances/loans.
Which consolidation product should my business use?
The ideal consolidation product for your business depends on your situation, but reverse consolidations typically include shorter terms and higher rates. Approvd helps businesses access multiple consolidation options, allowing entrepreneurs to compare and secure their ideal consolidation product.
What's the difference between a consolidation and a reverse consolidation?
A reverse consolidation deposits funds into your business account over an extended term to pay off your current advances, in exchange for a smaller recurring payment. On the other hand, traditional consolidations will provide your business the funds to pay off your existing balances at once.
Is a consolidation always the best option for businesses with current financing?
No, consolidations are not always the solution. Consolidations were designed to help businesses that are constricted by the debt they're servicing. Consolidations free up cash-flow, however, by purchasing the businesses outstanding balance(s), you effectively compound interest, which can make for a pretty high APR.
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