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Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is a financing option that provides access to a predefined credit limit, from which you can withdraw funds as needed. Interest and fees are solely applied to the borrowed amount. In contrast to a traditional term loan, a credit line is generally employed for managing ongoing operational costs or addressing temporary cash flow shortages.

Available funds are replenished as you repay the borrowed amount, creating a revolving business line of credit. Best of all, the amortization terms range from six to twenty-four months, with fixed daily, weekly, or monthly payments that are automatically deducted from the provided business bank account. Additionally, paying your line of credit on time can help develop your personal and business credit profiles.

Revenue-Driven Funding Offers:

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Lines from $10,000 to $250,000.

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Flexible 6, 12, 18 or 24-month terms.

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The opportunity to access additional funding options alongside your business credit line.

Easy Payments

We make it simple with hassle-free, automatic daily, weekly or monthly payments.

Prepayment Initiative

Save on your financing by paying your loan off early! No prepayment penalties here.

Credit Building

Develop your personal and business credit profiles with on time payment history.


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Minimum Requirements

Time in Business

12+ Months

Personal Credit Score


Annual Business Revenue



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the repayment of my line of credit work?
Our Line of credit options feature convenient weekly or monthly payments. As you repay the principal, your available funds are replenished.
Can I use my credit line to establish business credit?
Several of our lending partners report your on-time payment to personal and business credit bureaus to help further establish your credit history.
Is there a way to increase my business line of credit limit?
There are situations where you may require access to additional funds. Depending on your cash flow, net income, and repayment history, you could be eligible for a credit increase. Simply contact your dedicated advisor for more information.
Are there other options available alongside my business line of credit?
Your project might demand more funding than your line of credit provides, so term loans and advances may be available in addition to your business line of credit. Feel free to contact your dedicated loan advisor to explore the various options at your disposal.
What will be the overall cost of my credit line?
Credit line rates typically range from 6 - 35% simple interest. The total cost of your line of credit will vary, taking into account factors such as your personal and business credit scores, the duration of your business operation, annual revenue, and cash flow.
Are there additional fees for using my credit line?
Our partners offer several line of credit programs to meet your needs. Some of these programs have no additional fees, while others require a monthly maintenance fees or minor draw fees. Your lender and all associated costs of capital will be disclosed prior to funding.
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